4 ways to use pre-headers to increase email engagement

Email Marketing is still king when it comes to lead generation. As proven by the 79% of B2B consumers who agree with us. It’s a great method of connecting with your customers and engaging with new leads. Especially with all the clever new tools that come with it. Well-crafted emails spark action in your readers and get them thinking about your brand positively. And those actions start from the first thing they see. The preview header. Here are our top tips on using pre-headers to increase your email engagement.

1 Don’t just copy and paste

Pre-headers are an extension of your subject line. They’re a great way to say the things you wanted to but ran out of room for before you hit the preview bar limit in the subject line. Avoid just simply copying your subject line, make it count! Excite your readers with an irresistible offer or entice them into what’s below the fold. Think of it as an extra line of click-bait.

2 Create cliff-hangers

EastEnders do it so why can’t we? TV producers create cliff-hangers so viewers are sure to tune into the next episode, as annoying as it might be for us to have to wait a whole week to find out who killed Phil Mitchell, again. It’s a great engagement tactic, which marketers can utilise too. Which marketers can utilise too in email marketing. Break your headers at a point which leaves your readers with the need for more.

3 Personalise

Yep, here we go again with our personalisation spiel. But trust us, it works. And there’s no harm in personalising your pre-header as well as subject lines and email marketing. Maybe stay on the BFF spectrum as opposed to the stalker spectrum and don’t over-do it, but simply dropping your recipient’s name in there in context is a great way to get their attention. Take it one step further and talk about something that’s personal to them – their company name or industry, job role, the software they use. It’s time to utilise the data you so painstakingly collect, cleanse and manage day in day out.

4 Get the party started with pre-headers

Make sure your pre-headers are good enough to be there. Don’t just use them for the sake of it. They need to be relevant to your message and add enough value for optimum impact. Do something fun to catch your reader’s attention. Make them fun, engaging, exciting, maybe even a bit dare-devil risky. Hell, what have you got to lose you need a 5% CTR right? Tell a joke, use emojis, make a brash statement. Have fun with your emails.

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