The 3 vital elements of your website lead generation

A business without a website is like a shop without a window. It’s crucial to attracting potential customers, especially as we do more and more business online. It’s not just about having a pretty website either. Or all about your copy. There are behind the scenes elements you have to consider too. So here are the 3 vital roles your website plays with lead generation and how to implement them effectively.

1) Visitor Attraction

Firstly, your website must succeed in attracting visitors to your website. To achieve such a goal, you must utilise content & social media marketing, SEO, and email marketing effectively. As a triple-threat, these three techniques will drive your website traffic towards you. By being attracted to your website, chances are- they’re attracted to your business.

2) Visitor Identification

The next step is to successfully identify who is visiting your website. Use lead generation tools, such as IP lookup technology, to see which companies are on your website. The more data you can gather at this stage, the more leads you can populate your pipeline with.

3) Visitor Investigation

Finally, you must investigate how interested each lead is in your business. To establish whether they are a tyre-kicker, content chaser or genuine opportunity. As you know, only the genuine opportunities are worth spending any time on. That’s why you use lead scoring. A calculated methodology which will track website visitors according to what they’re looking at and how often they are looking.

That’s as simple as your lead generation needs to be. It’s all about simple but effective lead generation moving forward, as our online presence and websites become more suave and savvy. These 3 key features have already started to become essential to the B2B world. See for yourself how to build a lead generation machine.

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