3 major email marketing trends of 2017

Last year saw the resurrection of email marketing. It meant that this year we knew we’d see some major trends start to emerge as marketers revamped their efforts when it came to their email campaigns. Here are the 3 major trends that we predicted last year and have already started to emerge in 2017!

Mega personalisation

You know how you log on to your Amazon account or Facebook and your homepages are tailored to what you’ve liked and shared? Yeah, your prospects and customers now expect that in your email marketing too. If you’re going to invade their personal inbox space, you better make sure your email is as personal as it can get without being creepy.

Hyper-targeted emails

You’ve all heard the saying by now, send the right emails at the right time to the right people. With prospects expecting you to anticipate their needs and prove yourself as an expert in your industry, your email marketing has to be a psychic, crystal ball and fortune teller all rolled into one. Or you could base your email campaigns on user activity patterns. It’s up to you.

Integrated email marketing platforms

Email marketing almost died because on its own, it wasn’t good enough. However, when you start to combine it with website tracking tools and CRM integration, it can form a critical, successful part of your lead generation and nurturing pipeline. We don’t want to see email marketing become associated with spam again, so this last trend is – without a doubt – the most critical.

If you’re ready to know more about how you can implement the latest trends, download the Performance Marketing Email Guide we developed at the end of last year. It covers all the tools and technology that was starting to be used effectively in 2016 and is still more relevant than ever in 2017.

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