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Change the content dynamically based on stored data variables


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We believe in the power of simplicity. Where our competitors like to add as many functionalities as possible, we will go to the extreme to make sure all the crucial functionalities are easy to use. That is the main reason B2C marketers have been rating our software as user friendly for many years.

Get the brochure and it will walk you through the core features and benefits, and you’ll find out why Spotler eCommerce is the best platform to use and how it will give you more marketing power.

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Pull data from Magento

Break down data silos and discover the power of data
and proper eCommerce marketing automation with Spotler.

Get to know your customers and build strong relationships by syncing Spotler with your Magento webshop. Our integration is quick and easy to set up. And once you have it all in place, you’ll have access to more data than ever before.

You can start to unlock your important order, store and customer data, shedding a light on shoppers’ spending habits, and start building and sending targeted campaigns to them based on these insights. This ultimately means you will start getting more engagement from your customers and therefore more spend on your online store.

Demand more from your marketing…

More Customers…

… because with Spotler eCommerce you can easily build up your database of (potential) customers using sign up forms and popups. You can then drive them back to your eCommerce website with targeted and personalised email campaigns about new products, offers and promotions.

More Conversions 

… because of the integration between Spotler and Magento, you’ll get insights into opens, clicks, characteristics, interests and shopping / purchase behaviour. This means segmentation becomes easy and you can easily make personal offers to each shopper, increasing the chance of conversions. 

More Revenue! 

Ultimately, there is no communication channel as personal and direct as email. By using email marketing you will generate more traffic which leads to more conversions and a higher retention. In the end that leads to more sales and revenue from your online store.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.

The most essential B2C software you’ve ever worked with!

Get the most out of every engagement with personalised messages.

With Spotler you can:

  • build automation programs in minutes
  • send behaviour-triggered communications based on the customer journey
  • delight customers with relevant and tailored offerings; i.e. abandoned cart messages, birthday wishes and seasonal campaigns.

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Get customers engaged with your emails using compelling promotions and rich content.

With our platform you can:

  • create stunning email in minutes while ensuing every email is optimised for mobile devices.
  • save time and effort by automating your email program
  • get personal with tailored product recommendations within your emails

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Get all you need to know about your customers, in one place, with one single view, by syncing your online and offline data.

With the audience builder you can:

  • start to capture and store marketing preference data and consent types
  • use data points to send out dynamic content
  • use past purchase data and web insight to add some context and relevance to your communications.

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Use personalization and dynamic content to help your engagement sky rocket.

take advantage of:

  • including dynamic content in email to increase relevancy
  • drive unique engagements that compel customers to act
  • add personalised product recommendations based on past purchases
  • populate emails with abandoned cart or browse items

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"Spotler's software offers great features and is really user-friendly. And if we can't figure it out, the team at Spotler are ready to help."

Rob Kraayenbrink
Online Marketer

"Syncing our data into Spotler has allowed us to make our communications by e-mail more personal and relevant"

Jennifer Shackleton
Email and Social Media Marketer

"The point is that the customer is fully automated up to article level served what he wants, both in the webshop and in the newsletter."

Irene Fransen
Email Marketer

"Thanks to the connection with our salon software, we can build digital customer profiles, which allows us to respond to the needs of the customer."

Ellis van der Slikke
Manager CRM - Cosmo Hairstyling

"I've worked with multiple email software systems and can rightly say that Spotler is incredibly user-friendly. It's easy to set up a campaign."

Tom Meijer
eCommerce Marketer

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.