“A WHITE Malbec ! How DO they make a white wine from black grapes?”

Tasting notes: Fresh and crisp with aromas of citrus & stonefruits

Spotler Wine-ometer: 🍷🍷🍷🍷

Our first Wine of the Week is a tasty little surprise; a white wine made from black Malbec grapes!

In the first of many tenuous connections between wine and marketing automation, you can often create something original by combining things that already exist. In our annual “State of Marketing Automation” reports with Smart Insights, we repeatedly find that marketers of all stripes are not making full use of the functionality at their disposal. What could you achieve by recombining your existing tactics in a new way?

The flip side of this approach to creativity is how you deliver against people’s expectations. When we talk about subject lines, paid ads, or any aspect of marketing, we usually emphasise the importance of delivering exactly what you promise. Both marketing and sales have a tricky history of “bait-and-switch” type tactics, or over-hyping what their solution/product can deliver, right up until the money is in the bank. At Spotler we have never condoned this approach!

Pro-active marketers are constantly re-configuring Spotler to surprise and delight their target audiences to find new leads much like our wine of the week. This white Malbec brings a little WOW and a smile to two distinct groups; capturing the imagination of the traditional ‘Big Red’ drinkers and offering an interesting alternative to the Sauvignon Blanc/Pinot Grigio community. 

Laithwaites’ Tim Collis sheds a little light …..

A WHITE Malbec!!!   How can they make a white wine from black grapes?

A large glass of Argentinian red Malbec brimming with spicy black fruit flavours – a popular choice for ‘big red’ lovers.

So how do they make a white one?

It’s pretty straightforward – immediately the Malbec grapes are pressed the clear juice is separated from the black grape skins.

The red colour and those gorgeous spicy flavours are developed from contact with the skins and the stalks.

Does the white Malbec taste like the red one?

Nope, the Alambrado estate create a wonderfully fresh, crisp white wine with flavours of aromatic stone fruits.

Are there many white wines made from popular black grapes? 

Yes, there are plenty let’s start with Chianti’s Sangiovese….oh, and Champagne.


Two of Champagne’s permitted grapes are black (Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier) and if it’s got ‘Blanc de Noirs’ on the label then it’s made from 100% black grapes.

So what about Pink Champagne & Rose?

Great question, just think of when you last put a red sock in with a white wash, it’s just the same with Pink! The clear grape juice comes into contact with the crushed black skins, it might be for only a couple of hours.

Our thanks to Laithwaites for the explanation and if you’d like to surprise the Malbec lover in your life then email the discount count SPWM to surbiton@laithwaiteswine.com and they’ll deliver 3 bottles to a UK address for £ 26.49 saving £17.43. Standard terms and conditions apply; the RRP is £ 11.99 with a £ 7.99 UK delivery charge making a total of £ 43.92.

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