Is Chardonnay still the Marmite wine?

A French Chardonnay is the star in a glass this week.

Tasting notes: Fruity, creamy and rich.

Spotler Wine-ometer: 🍷🍷🍷

Chardonnay might not be to everyone’s taste but, to the right audience it hits the spot and you should aim for your marketing to be the same! You don’t want your content to appeal to everybody because not everyone is the right buyer for your product.

The issue facing marketers is that it may not be immediately obvious whether a new website visitor is the type of lead you want or not. At Spotler, we use progressive profiling to manage this. For example, anybody can download videos and guides from our website. However, what content they receive in subsequent sends, or even if they receive any at all, depends on the information we gather about them over time. We don’t need the whole picture at the first click, only enough to start building a profile.

Tim from Laithwaites offers a little background:

Ask a group of wine lovers if they like Chardonnay and the room will probably split – they’ll LOVE it or HATE it …no middle ground.

These strong feelings hark back to the 1980’s when those Aussie Scamps produced an ocean of heavily oaked Chardonnay and flooded the UK…hang on, was that similar to German Liebraumilch and Portuguese Mateus Rose…might well be , more on this later in the year.

Don’t get me wrong – many of us enjoyed Chardonnay with a balanced level of oakiness – but there were some real shockers. ABC ( Anything But Chardonnay) was a regular response to “what you drinking ?”

Is most Chardonnay still oaky ? NO WAY ! Plenty of it never gets as much as a splinter of oak. Many winemakers choose steel and concrete that won’t flavour the grape juice. However, many of them do use oak barrels and produce beautifully balanced wines with tantalising flavours.

At Laithwaites, we have over 80 Chardonnays from 12 countries including some timeless classics – Chablis, Meursault and Puligny Montrachet . There’s even an awesome sweet Chardonnay from Moldova great with Christmas Pud.

Will Chardonnay ever shrug off its Marmite label ? Probably not, but the wealth of fruit flavours is just amazing, are you tempted to try ?

La Voute is a great introduction – rich and creamy with vibrant spiced apple, peach and citrus with a toasty finish; French Chardonnay at its tastiest. 3 bottles – delivered to a UK address for £ 37.96, saving £ 12.00*. Simply send ‘ABC’ to Tim Collis at Laithwaites Surbiton to take up the offer.

* The standard price including UK delivery is £ 49.96. Standard terms & conditions apply and are available on request

Our thanks to Laithwaite’s Tim Collis for his opinions.

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