How PINK is your Valentine’s Day going to be?

The wonderful world of pink is this weeks theme.

Tasting notes: Fresh, lemony, a hint of sweetness and a gentle fizz

Spotler Wine-ometer: 🍷🍷🍷🍷

It’s simple first date etiquette; you choose a place to meet, 5 minutes of small talk, then ask them to marry you.

Or maybe not….

In both love and marketing, going too hard too soon is likely to end in disaster. We may not be experts in romance, but we can solve the marketing side for you through lead nurturing.

To stretch the analogy to breaking point, you might suggest that a second date happens at a venue that was the setting for your date’s favourite book that they told you about. You’ve taken in what they said on the first date, and used it to build a deeper connection at your next encounter.

Valentines Day is around the corner and the world’s gone pink – some of you may be wondering where the pink comes from …..

Rose & Pink Fizz
Just think RED sock in a WHITE wash – yup, that’s how most of it is made; the black grape skins are added to the liquid. For some of those gorgeous light, crisp Roses the skins only get added for a couple of hours.

If your Valentine normally enjoys a glass of Red  (like a Pinot Noir, Malbec , Shiraz or a Montepulciano) then maybe hunt down a Rose or Pink Fizz made from their favourite grape and show the love.

Pink Gin 

Firstly, a quick word on traditional Pink Gin – made famous in the British Navy by adding a dash of Angostura bitters to Plymouth gin. The officers insisted on something different to the rating’s rum ration and that’s why the distillery is there by the docks. What about this Navy Strength? …..gin starts at 40 % ABV…..Navy strength is at least 57 % ….was it stronger to get the captain through the bitterly cold night watch OR because it wouldn’t affect the gunpowder if spilt on it ….you choose.

The pink colour in today’s gin comes from infusion of red and pink products like Rhubarb, Pink Grapefruit and even Pomegranate skins.

Double Whammy Idea ! for Valentines & HRH’s big year…. Queen Victoria was very partial to Rhubarb at Buckingham Palace – when the gardens where redeveloped the Rhubarb was replanted in Lincolnshire and is used as an infusion in a Pink Gin….so you can enjoy it with your valentine then toast her Majesty all year long.

Pink Port

Yup, just like the Rose & Fizz – limited exposure to the skins – wonderfully light and bags of red fruit flavours.

Pink Whisky ( Really!)

Oh yes, finished in port or rioja barrels – giving it an interesting pink hue.

Here’s a romantic idea…. 

If you’re looking to surprise your valentine then how about this Mediterranean French Sparkler – PS Petillant . Fresh, lemony red berry, a hint of sweetness and a gentle fizz – 3 bottles delivered to a UK address for a tasting price of £ 31.46 saving £ 11.00 *. Simply send BIG LOVE to Tim Collis at Laithwaites Surbiton to take up the offer.

*The standard price including UK delivery is £ 42.46. Standard Terms and Conditions apply and are available on request.

Our thanks to Tim for his opinions 

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