Having Roast Lamb for Easter – here’s a fantastic pairing

Do all of your salespeople have exactly the same technique when it comes to closing deals? That’s certainly not the case at Spotler, and we do our best to make good use of it.

Just like pairing lamb and Rioja, we do our best to give each salesperson on our team the accounts that will suit them best. Having a strong idea of what that looks like from the very start means we can blend it into the marketing approach as soon as we spy a new lead.

The simplest way we do this is using dynamic content.

What this means in practice is that leads get a more consistent experience right from first contact. Without this in place, the “handover” from marketing to sales would be more visible, and possibly jarring. Instead, all emails come from the same person regardless of the individual’s position in the funnel.

On the other end, this system helps establish your salespeople as subject matter experts, rather than just “order-takers”. By assigning leads at the very first moment they appear, the rapport that your salesperson is able to build is much deeper and more genuine, as they are able to follow the progress of the lead as it happens. We’ll drink to that!


Now here’s Tim with the wine bit:

There’s always plenty of pairing conversations around the Easter Sunday roast – many people choose lamb  – and a great choice is an intense, spicy Spanish red from Rioja. The black fruits flavours, with a hint of vanilla, perfectly complement the meat …. and are a delight with plant-based meals ….maybe enjoy a sip with some dark chocolate too.

The wine rules for Rioja are very simple – it’s got to have a large amount of Tempranillo grape (there’s a whole host of other grapes that can be used for flavouring) and it’s got to be made in that historic region of northern-central Spain. Rioja is so important to Spain that Haro, Rioja’s capital, was the first Spanish city to get electricity!

To pick a guaranteed winner you should pick a legendary winemaking family, like Martinez Bujanda. They’ve been making Rioja for over a century and 40 years ago they built a brand new state of the art cellar. So their wines combine an elegant, claret like structure with thrilling fruit intensity and well-balanced oak.

If you haven’t got the time to pop down and pick up a few bottles ( the vineyards are in a bend of the Ebro river, well worth a visit) then their Cantos de Valpiedra 2017 is a winner. This seductive Rioja comes from their Finca Valpiedra, a magnificent single estate. A serious, rich, fruity red with a firm wrap of vanilla oak from a year in barriques.

There’s a decent 20 % saving off the RRP of £ 16.99 ( the Spotler price is £ 13.59) and the delivery charge is reduced to £ 3.49. This offer is only available from the Surbiton’s Laithwaites Store and to order just send SPOTLER20 – RIOJA to Surbiton@laithwaiteswine.com

We thank Tim for his opinions.

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