Spotler’s Wine of the Week

We’ve always been ones for trying new things at Spotler, especially in the marketing team, so what better than to give the marketing community ideas on the best wines out there. Yes, we know that wine has nothing to do with marketing, but you’ll be surprised at how many tenuous links we can get in and also at how many leads you can generate when you’re enjoying a glass of wine!

And for those that would like to try our Wine of the Week, we’ve got you sorted with a tasty little discount. Contact Tim Collis at Laithwaites Surbiton to get a discount on your bottle!

01 • White wine from red grapes?!

We were surprised too! But the result is fresh, fruity and crisp.
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02 • Dry January – Alcohol-Free Wine – Tempted to try’em?

Are you taking part in Dry January? This week, we’re exploring the world of alcohol-free wine.
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03 • Is Chardonnay still “the Marmite wine”?

Chardonnay is known for being divisive, but how did it get this reputation? And does it still hold true?

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04 • Does it really make a difference to my wine if I swirl the glass?

Whether it’s at a fancy wine-tasting event, or just trying to look suave on a date, you swirl the glass, take a sip, and declare “….yes.” But is it making a difference?

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05 • How PINK is your Valentine’s Day going to be?

Can’t decide between red and white? Go pink!
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06 • Too Young to Enjoy Sherry? Think Again!

Many people feel that Sherry can only be drunk by elderly relations before a meal – this is so not true!

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07 • Haven’t found a ‘favourite’ Whisk(e)y yet? Keep looking, it’s waiting to be found.

With Whisk(e)y now being made in over 25 countries (and there’s so much in Scotland that it’s broken down into 6 world-famous regions) then you can spend a lifetime trying to find your ‘favourite’!

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08 • Churchill’s favourite Champagne with added James Brown –  “Get up Offa That Thing”

Champagne really needs no introduction, but every product could do with a helping hand from an A-lister….in this case, it’s Sir Winston Churchill.

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09 • Seeing the wood for the trees – how Oak changes wine

The influence of oak barrels plays a key part in the second part of the three-part taste journey to making a balanced wine.

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10 • Having Roast Lamb for Easter? Here’s a fantastic pairing

A nice Rioja makes sure your Easter lunch is more “Baaa” than “Bah Humbug”.

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11 •


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12 •


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Remember… enjoy alcohol responsibly!

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