Week 9: Capitalise on High Performing Content

What should you be doing with your high-performing content? Well, there is one thing you shouldn’t be doing with it – not using it! Just because you’ve used your high-performing content once before doesn’t mean you can’t use it again and again. In fact, this is what the most effective content marketers do.

If you find content that performs particularly well then you should:
• Turn blogs into whitepapers/guides/e-books/infographics
• Create supporting videos and PR pieces
• Push out to all your channels for backlinks (including social media and external blogs, partners…etc.)
• Create an email drip campaign just around the high-performing topic
• Create PPC and sponsored adverts targeted at specific audiences
• Create events and webinars around your high-performing topic.

Think about it. Musicians wouldn’t release an album and then not organise press interviews, tour dates and extra promotion. You shouldn’t leave your high-performing content and assume it can continue to produce results all by itself!

That’s what this webinar is all about teaching you to make the most of your content and having it all feed back to your website to get your prospects moving around, engaging and ultimately giving you that all important form fill!

Skyscraper marketing

Another form of content marketing for high-performing content is what is known as skyscraper marketing.

This form of marketing relies on your top 10 performing pieces of content that you’ve ever used on your website and rewriting them to apply to each marketing campaign you run, across the channels.

This is where marketing automation thrives. Keeping track of which content is performing can be difficult across channels, which is why you need one marketing platform to host it all in one area as best you can, including email, events, social media and website visits.

Watch the webinar for yourself to see how you can create a content box or skyscraper with over a month’s worth of content before creating one yourself!


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