Week 6: Building your email campaign

So, you’ve done all the hard work and now you’re ready to build your campaign in GatorMail. Great! But where do you start? In this video, we demonstrate how easy it is to build a workflow and email campaign that suits your lead generation needs.

Remember, so far we’ve already covered:

• The purpose of your marketing
• Your target audience and the keywords and topics they are interested in
• Getting your data cleansed and ready to go
• The content you are going to use in this campaign
• The structure of this email campaign

Now it is time to build it!

Take a look at our own lead generation marketing teams workflows. Tried and tested ready for you to build! Remember that four tier structure that we talked about. But don’t launch it just yet! Next week we are going to be going through the checklist of what you should do before you launch your campaign.

If you’d like more on the theory behind using Workflow, check out our blog on strong workflows that convert leads here.

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