Week 5: Your email campaign strategy

You want your emails to stand out from the crowd and you know that blasting out a weekly newsletter just isn’t cutting it anymore. What can you do to stand out in the inbox?

We’ll be looking at how to make your emails stand out from the crowd. From:

• The design to the content itself
• When to send which message to your lead depending on their interactions
• How to qualify leads using your email campaigns

First, break down your levels. We suggest four which reflect the sales pipeline:

• Intrigue
• Discover
• Consider
• Decide

Now the levels of these messaging will be different. For example, an intrigue level email should be promoting a blog or best practice, valuable piece of content compared to a consider level email which is aimed at hotter leads.
The one mistake we’ve seen previous businesses make is to make the messaging of each of their email levels sound exactly like a sales pitch. If there is one pointer we can give you now is to make your intrigue and discover levels super friendly and informative rather than going for the hard sales push or product promotion. You don’t want to scare your email recipients off before you’ve even given them a chance to go through your email stream!

Once you’ve broken down the levels, slotted in your content from your audit last week, got your data from the week before, you’re almost ready for next week’s topic: putting your email campaign into action.

All you have to do is write the email messaging! If you’re stuck – think! What emails really stand out to you when you get emailed? How can you make it sound as personal as possible? Give it a try!

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