Week 4: Content Audit

We know that staring at a blank page can be a little daunting!

Before writer’s block completely takes over your world, take the time to assess the content you already have.

To make content marketing easier, we’ve created a content audit to help you make the most of what we have and identify any gaps which could be filled with new and exciting content.

Download the audit template here .

Sorting your content this way will also help you to identify any gaps, where you can focus your creative attention.

Different content will be needed for each level of messaging. For example, an intrigue level email should be promoting a blog or best practice, valuable piece of content compared to a consider level email which is aimed at hotter leads.

The number one mistake we’ve seen  businesses make is to make the messaging of each of their email levels sound exactly like a sales pitch. If there is one pointer we can give you now is to make your intrigue and discover levels super friendly and informative rather than going for the hard sales push or product promotion. You don’t want to scare your email recipients off before you’ve even given them a chance to go through your email stream!

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