Week 3: Getting the right data for your campaign

So, you know what your marketing message is and who your ideal target audience should be – but now it’s about making sure you are actually marketing to the right people!

Many marketers do a persona exercise and then don’t make sure their data reflects this. But your data is the DNA of your persona! So take a look at your CRM data and establish your killer values.

Watch the video here.

These include:

Turnover – what profit does your ideal customer make roughly?
Company Size – are they start ups, SMEs, corporate?
Industry – Public? Tech? Manufacturing?
Geography – Where are they based? Do you only do business within the UK…etc.?
Job Title – Who are the key decision makers you are looking for? Directors? Managers?
Function – Do you need them to use certain tools such as CRM, ESPs…?

If you make sure your sales team have to have all that information filled out before taking them to the next level of the sales process then you have a more consistent way of qualifying leads together. Because, let’s face it, you should be doing business with your ideal targets, not just anyone and everyone that will have your product!


What will cleansing your data do for your marketing?

Firstly, you’re more likely to engage with audiences via your email marketing if they are the targets that you know are looking for your products and solutions.

Secondly, you’ll be able to make sure your sales and marketing teams idea of qualified leads are aligned – bringing both teams together, something that has been a problem for a lot of companies in the past and can lose you valuable prospects if not sorted properly!

Finally, you’re going to improve your email deliverability from engagement to making sure that you are emailing genuine accounts. Cleansing your data is very important if you don’t want to get caught by a spam trap or bot!

Take a look at our blog which describes the importance of list hygiene for your sales and marketing teams.

So – your task for this week is to establish what your killer values are and cleanse your data as best you can to reflect this.

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