Week 2: Which keywords you should be focusing on

Last week, you set about having a brainstorm about what your marketing message would be to sum up who your target audience truly is, why they choose to buy from you and what value you add to their lives. Now it’s time to look at the keywords that support your statement!

One of the biggest pitfalls we see in marketers is that they don’t know what to talk about. They have all the tools, but beyond the basic promotional messaging about their products they struggle to give their audiences real value and build up that all important engagement. So these keywords should help you establish what engaging, useful content you can produce.

First, though, I want to make sure that you have it in your mind who your target audience REALLY is. Watch this webinar on personas and jot down who you think your different personas/target audiences would be.


For example, here at CommuniGator we have three:
• Sales Directors
• Marketing Directors/Managers
• Managing Directors

Once you’ve established who you are talking to, you are going to have a better idea of the information that they need.

So your task this week is to list 12 keywords or topics if you like (one for each week) that you want to focus on. They could cover anything from:

• Pain points your personas are suffering from
• Best practices in your industry
• Recent industry news relevant to your personas
• How to make the most of each of your products

Just to give you a few ideas! Remember that each persona will want information in a slightly different way and would ask slightly different questions. This is a good way to bulk out your keywords if you are struggling to get 12!

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