Week 12: Your 12 week campaign to-do list

The final week of our 12 week lead generation masterclass is a summary of everything you’ve learnt in the past 12 weeks so that moving forward you can apply it whenever you set out to build a new marketing campaign.

In short:

Week 1: Finding your marketing message
What are you trying to achieve with the campaign? Set a feasible goal.
What tools will you use?
What are your industry benchmarks you need to meet?

Week 2: Which keywords you should be focusing on
Who are your personas and what information do they need?
The top 12 keywords for your marketing campaigns and content.

Week 3: Getting the right data for your campaign
Decide what your killer values are for your campaign. Are you targeting one specific element?
Decide whether you should use purchased or organic data.
Cleanse your data properly.

Week 4: Creating a successful content marketing strategy
What content do you already have that could be used for your campaign?
Which level does each piece of content fit into for your keywords? What’s missing?

Week 5: Creating a campaign that nurtures leads
How to make your emails stand out in the inbox.
How to structure the campaign.
Getting the messaging right.

Week 6: Putting your campaign into action – what to do
How to build your email campaign in GatorMail
Workflows and how they make your campaigns easier to run

Week 7: Launch week!
Your pre-initiation checklist
Final deliverability checks to consider

Week 8: Reporting on your campaign
What you should be measuring open rates, click through rates or click-to-open rates
Key questions to ask yourself about your campaign

Week 9: Repurposing the content in your campaign
What to do with your high-performing content
Our content box strategy
The skyscraper content marketing technique

Week 10: Analysing your marketing from a sales perspective
What to do with your hot leads
What to do with your warm leads

Week 11: What to do with non-engaged data
3 things to do with your cold leads
How to wake up your sleepy subscribers

If you missed any weeks you can go back and watch any of the webinars at any time to give yourself a refresher. Remember, these are the essentials to getting your marketing campaign off the ground, but there are plenty of additional activities you can be doing such as extra targeted campaigns, social media marketing, PR, events and more!!

If you have the techniques down but not the tools and you’re interested in looking at the Gator Suite more, you can find more information about our three core products below:

Lead Generation – Find out who is doing what on your website
Email Marketing – Targeted email marketing for the masses
Marketing Automation – Managing your marketing in one place

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