Week 11: What to do with non-engaged data

Now that your email campaign has run its course and delivered your marketing and sales teams results, it’s time to focus your attention on those cold, non-engaged leads.

So, what should you do with them? Watch the video here.

1. Send them your highest performing contentWe covered this is week 9 so you should know what your highest performing content is. Yes, they didn’t engage with it last time so you will have to rework how you promote this piece of content, whether you deliver it in a different format or pitch it from another angle.

2. Write an email that doesn’t come across as a sales pitch. Genuinely, we mean writing a one liner that says, “Hi so-and-so, I just wanted to send you our top performing blog of the month because I think you’ll find it as valuable as our other customers did.” That’s it! If they like what they read, they will continue to engage with your blogs moving forward. Your email just needs to be the hook that intrigues them!

3. Get your sales team involved!Your email marketing only works to qualify leads if you send the right message at the right time to the right people. Some of your cold data probably hasn’t been profiled to see if they are the right people for your business. So get your sales team, on their down time, to work on profiling your cold data. Fill out those killer values that we discussed in week 3. This way, the next time you run a campaign, you have more accurate information to rely on that will be more likely to help you convert them into warm & hot leads for sales.

Implement these 3 actions this week and see how your cold data starts to perform well above the industry standard of sub 1%!

If you’re also looking to apply this to subscribers who signed up or who have double opted-in to your communications but don’t seem to be responding, read our blog on how to wake up your sleepy subscribers.

Tune in next week when we pack everything together in week 12!

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