Week 10: Analysing your clicks

Over the past couple of week’s in this 12 week lead generation masterclass we’ve looked at reporting on your campaign and what to do with your high-performing content when it comes to marketing. But what about when it comes to sales?

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After all, a lead generation campaign is designed to get leads for your sales team.

So today we’re going to be discussing what you should be doing with leads to make sure they are getting through to your sales team!

First, you need to know what we mean when we talk about cold, warm and hot leads and the lead scoring methodology behind our approach and how it helps your sales and marketing teams work together.

HOT LEADS: Leads that have clicked on every level of your email campaign over the past few weeks should be passed directly to sales if they don’t get in contact with you for a meeting (though if you’ve launched your campaign correctly, you should get a few inbound leads too!)

WARM LEADS: Leads who have perhaps engaged with the first two levels of your campaign but haven’t made it to your sales messaging won’t be ready for a sales call. So what do you do with them?


Your warm leads DID engage with your email campaigns up to a point, but they could have gone cold for any number of reasons.

1. Perhaps the content wasn’t exactly what they were looking for. In which case, take a look at what they did look at and engage with on your website and send them into a relevant email campaign on that topic that you might be running. Not running that campaign? Build it and use it as an auto nurture campaign!

2. Perhaps they felt you were emailing them too often and they’re not ready for a sale yet. Don’t worry, most people have 5-12 touch points before they make a sale! Keep feeding them through the first two levels of your campaign until they ARE ready to engage at a higher level.

3. Your messaging might need a little tweaking. If your leads are engaging with your light content but not your heavier content, you may have come across a little too sales-focused in your emails. Read them back to see if you’ve launched too quickly into a product pitch. Remember, prospects love to work with brands and businesses that give them value. The value is what you should be highlighting in your email.

So, what should you do with your leads once you’ve run this campaign?

1. Pass your hot leads onto sales and keep track of how many meetings/demos/trials are booked as a result.

2. Send warmer leads into different email campaigns and track their website journeys using GatorLeads so you know what topics will interest them for future campaigns.3. Stay tuned for next week when we discuss how to engage with your cold leads that didn’t react at all!!

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