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Survey’s Automated Alerts

With GatorSurvey you can set up automated (yes, automated) actions off completion of one of your surveys. We put this into action by setting up several alerts for different situations.

One of your leads completes a survey. This automates an alert to the account owner so they can assess that information and they have a deeper insight into the buyers mind.

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Survey’s Automated Responses

To keep the relationship alive, our survey tools allow you to set up automated responses when someone fills out your survey, to let them know you got their feedback.

In addition to the automated responses. GatorSurvey writes back any answers given in surveys back to your intergrated CRM. Saving you time on your admin!

Spotler’s answer to CRM

It’s bursting with benefits…

  • Easily ask the right questions with our drag & drop editor.
  • Gather feedback via weblink, email & social media.
  • Fully integrated allowing you to trigger email responses & alerts.
  • Easily export and analyse your results.
  • Use insights to make better, data-driven decisions.

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