Single Sign On

Login and access all your CommuniGator tools from one platform.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.

GatorMail & GatorCreator

Your advanced email marketing tool, geared up for those with or without experience in HTML. Chose between two editors, personalise your email campaigns with dynamic content blocks pulled straight from your CRM.


Create highly sophisticated automated and triggered marketing campaigns with our easy to use workflow tool. Workflow integrates with your website engagement so you can send hyper-targeted content to your leads based on their interest and where they are in the buying journey.


Identify the companies visiting your website, with the option to access up to date lists of staff, their positions and contact information. Understanding how and where your website and it’s content is performing and drawing in the crowds.


Our Social Media Automation allows you to schedule posts and compare yourself against your peers by the engagement and reach you have within social channels.


Manage all your events from a single platform. Companies have been using our event management platform to increase their registration, attendance and promotion.


Create real-time online surveys using our automated survey software. GatorSurvey is the quick and easy way to gather quality consumer and prospects insights.


Our new Artificial Intelligence software allows you to predict the results of your campaigns before you send. As well as giving you easily implementable recommendations to better your CTR. Grade the content of your email to identify if it’s fit for purpose.


Get your emails into the inbox. Our email deliverability tool scores the impact your emails will have on the inbox and if they’ll even make it. Along with giving you tips on the elements you should change for a better result.

Key Benefits

One Platform. One Password.

Gone will be the days of multiple bookmarks and lots of passwords for you and your team to memorise. With CommuniGator’s new Single Sign On feature you can login to all your platform tools from one place, with one password, making your life easier.

Off-site security with Google Authentication

Working remotely? No problem. You can now login with Single Sign On and access any of our tools even if you’re not on your company’s IP. We use Google Authentication, a handy app available for Android and iPhone which confirms your access with an extra layer of security.

Dashboard memory

Switching between tools? If you’re using GatorLeads and GatorMail in the same session, we’ll remember exactly where you left off.

Auto-log out period extended

With our new Single Sign On we’ve extended our auto-log out period to 2 days. Two days. That’s right, so long as you’re actively using your browser or computer, we won’t log you out for 2 days.

Multiple Users

To fully benefit from Single Sign On you’ll need to ensure that all of your users have their own individual logins for each of the tools you want them to access. Talk to us if you need help arranging set up of new logins.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.