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User Controls

Configure user roles & permissions

Determine the view and role of each individual user to control what they can do across your social channels. From admin to read-only settings, create custom roles that match each users involvement in your social media activities.

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Oktopost Governance 2

Manage your teams

Deliver the same quality of support to all of your teams, whether they’re located domestically or internationally. Designate common access features to different groups of users based on languages, network profiles and campaigns.

Advanced Content Approvals

Effectively organise and pre-approve your social content

Plan all of your content well in advance. Build social marketing workflows through our platform to allow team members to submit messages for approval before any campaigns go live.

Oktopost Governance 3
Oktopost Governance 4

Social Enforcement

Make social comply to your internal policy standards

Align your internal policy procedures to your social media communications. Ban specific keywords, from competitor names to disparaging language, to ensure social advocates don’t overstep their mark.

Crisis Resolution

Hand your employees the tools to manage a social crisis

Should your teams find themselves in a predicament, give them the tools to act fast! Our platform has the ability to pause all social marketing activities, you can then designate specific actions to responsible team members to diffuse the situation.


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