Measure your social investment accurately

Measure and report on the profitability of all your posts and campaigns across each social platform.

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Record each customers journey

Track the journey of leads on social

Understand the buying cycle that your customers undergo. Our social media analytics allow you to attribute leads from specific social activities, whether they be posts, channels or campaigns.

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Calculate Net Returns

Quantify the value of all your social channels

Calculating the value of your B2B social marketing is easy with us. Our solution allows you to assign monetary values to any activity to determine whether those social activities are providing a net return on your investment.

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Understanding Social Indicators

Find out what trends

Use graphs and other visual tools to advance your social media insights by monitoring indicators such as clicks, comments and hashtags, amongst others.

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Audience Insights

Discover new audience trends

Measure follower growth, mentions, and click demographics to recognise trends in social engagement and content performance.

Post Performance Analytics

Raise your social strategy performance

Review all of your top performance indicators such as links, keywords, hashtags and multi-media content forms to continually improve your social practices.

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Advocacy Monitoring

Monitor employee advocacy results

Check on the performance of each of your designated social champions to review the impact they’re having on your overall advocacy strategy. Grab insights into their engagement and content performance figures to appraise the added value they’re bringing in.

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