Social Media Advocacy

Measure and report on the channels that are driving the best leads and prospects to your sales funnel.

Guarantee yourself a social platform that actions a positive return on investment.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.

People buy from people.

Encourage your employees to humanise your corporate channels and position themselves as thought leaders to unleash the power of social selling


50% of employees already post company-related content to their personal social networks


10X more people reached by employees than all of your corporate social accounts combined


7X more sales conversions from employee-generated leads than marketing-generated leads

The right collaboration between departments to make social selling a success


Allocate the right content to the right employees

Designate pre-approved content to employees to deliver on-brand messaging to the right prospects.


Social Exposure

Bring your best social advocates to the front of your social media activities, you can even tailor the content they distribute to segmented audience bases.


Social Censorship

Censor inappropriate or vague keywords to avoid employees diluting your social messaging or misusing social handles.


Internal Feedback

Facilitate feedback from your internal social champions by allowing them to put forward suggestions on content and campaign planning.

Achieve a complete overview of your employee advocacy activities

Top Tier Focus

Grab a complete overview of every click, mention or opportunity created by your advocacy teams. Narrow down the view to inspect each individuals contribution to your B2B marketing objectives.

Individual Focus

Narrow down your focus view to individual advocates activities to see what content echoes with their personal networks.

Make social easy

Facilitate stakeholder advocacy efforts to increase participation from your workforce


Instant sharing

Employees can track and share content anytime, anywhere and on all devices whether it’s desktop, tablet or mobile.


Tailored Content

Segment and tailor social content that’s relevant to each advocates role or department. Ensure that prospects only receive information that is topic-related to their industries and interests.


Performance Review

Social advocates can measure the results of their social activities across multiple platforms. Gauge each click, retweet or impression to find out where you’re connecting with prospects.


Incentivise Participation

Add a competitive element to your advocates promotion activities by showcasing and point-scoring their social selling impact on leads.

Social advocacy needs to be a company-wide effort

Employee advocacy doesn’t need to pertain solely to marketing, encourage advocates from every department to allow prospects to gain a better understanding of your entire corporate activities


Increase Lead Generation & Nurture Prospects

Increment sales leads through social advocacy programs and nurture them with regular company updates.


Amplify your social reach

Reach a broader audience through your social advocacy activities. Engage the right contacts to grow your brand profile.


Authentic Connections

Build deep-rooted relationships through genuine social interactions.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.