Get your leads Sales-ready

Hand your Sales team all the data they need, from job titles to full activity history

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Everything Your Sales Team Needs, In One Place

Names, contact details and website activity record all in one place. 

Your Sales team were hired to sell, not dig for data. GatorLeads gathers all the data they need, and presents it all in a simple view to refer to during the call.

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Assign Leads Among Your Sales Team

However you share out leads, by Geography, by Industry, or completely at random, do it inside GatorLeads.

Every user can set their own Watches and Alerts, so they can close deals in the way that works for them.

Manage magnificently

No Timewasters Please

Qualify Out the visitors that you don’t want. 

You can’t prevent companies you don’t want to sell to visiting your website. But you can tell GatorLeads to ignore them by qualifying them out.

Spot the duds early

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