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Once you’ve brought in new leads, monitor them all the way into becoming customers

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A Clear View For Everyone

The Chilli rating system shows you at a glance how many hot leads you have in any given time-frame.

Hot leads are visible through both the number and colour of Chillies on your dashboard, so you can see immediately which leads are ripe for a call, and which still need to be nurtured.  

There’s no need to teach everyone a complex system of ratings and rankings, just a “What you see is what you get” view of which leads need immediate attention.

See what’s going on

Your Definition Of A Hot Lead

You know your customer profile best, so you can set up page scores to map out your ideal customer journey. Do you have one page that converts almost everyone who visits it? Then give it lots of points!

7-day and 30-day views help you tell the difference between one-hit wonders and leads with a sustained interest in what you do.

Know who you’re attracting

Know What Happens, When It Happens

As a marketer, you’ve always got multiple campaigns and projects to juggle. Get notifications in your inbox when a particularly important campaign is delivering warm leads. 

Alerts let you know when a specific campaign or web page is getting traction. One Alert can handle multiple pages, or a pattern of pages visited, so you can keep on top of your leads however your process works. 

Focus on what’s working

Keep An Eye On Your Hot Prospects.

“Watch” function notifies you when a specific company is on your website, so you can follow up immediately.

That company you’re sure you will close if you can just catch them at the right time? “Watch” them and you’ll know the second they set eyes on your website.

Manage your prospecting

Manage From The Centre

Team Leads can set Alerts and Watches for their team members, so Sales can focus on selling. 

Every user can manage their own Watches and Alerts, setting up a process which works for them. Admin users can update Alerts and Watches in bulk.

The platform for Sales teams

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