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Google Ads or Bing Ads?

Which search engines are bringing you leads, and which ones aren’t worth your time?

GatorLeads shows you which search engine a website visitor used to find you, as well as what search term they used. So you can decide whether to allocate some of your precious budget to a Bing Ads campaign, and what keywords to target if you do.


Results at your fingertips

GatorLeads tells you what kind of campaign every lead comes from, so you can instantly compare Sponsored social update to organic ones.

Break down your paid ad results by size, industry and company. See at a glance whether you’re attracting the audience you’re after, or whether you need a rethink.

Get the whole picture

Justify your spending

Your CFO probably doesn’t understand how paid ads work, they just see you spending money! 

GatorLeads Insights lets you view in one click how many leads you’ve generated from paid ad campaigns, so you can show exactly how you’re contributing to the bottom line.

Get the right data

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