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Stop Relying On Form Fills

GatorLeads tracks every page visit, so you can cater to serial blog readers, as well as those who fill in your forms.

Track pages that don’t have a form to fill out, so you can see where your website visitors are spending their time.

Website visitors landing on form pages, but not filling them out? Take that as a prompt to redesign those pages.

The other way to track

What Do Your Leads Want To Read?

Learn which sectors of your business are generating the most interest, then tailor your content and your marketing to deliver. If your leads are reading lots of blogs on topic x, but topic y is ignored, you know where your content team should be focusing their energy.

Triggered campaigns based on website activity make sure you capitalise on your reader’s initial interest. Guide them through all the content you have on a topic, in timely, bite-sized chunks.

Keep the funnel flowing

See The Entire Buying Journey

Account profiles in GatorLeads group all website activity in one place. You’ll see straight away if a lead is showing sustained interest in one part of your site, or if they’re meandering all over the place. 

If they aren’t going where you expect them to, they could be showing you a whole avenue in the buying journey that you haven’t considered before. 

One combined view

Brief Spike Or Long-Term Trend?

7-day and 30-day view helps you spot a pattern of sustained interest from a specific lead.

Sustained interest is a strong sign of buying intent, so GatorLeads shows you week-long and month-long activity trends for each visitor.

Understand your audience

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