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All The Features You Need To Make Your Marketing Awesome

Lead Nurturing

Deliver your leads more of the content that they want by creating tailored nurture campaigns for every subsection of your website. Hand-pick your best content on each topic and serve it up to them at regular intervals, until they’re steaming hot and ready for a chat with your Sales team.

Lead Scoring

New to Lead Scoring? When you start with GatorLeads we’ll score all your pages based on what’s worked for us. Then you can watch the results and tinker to your heart’s content. .

Outlook Email Plug-In

Every salesperson has been told “send me something in writing first”. GatorLeads Outlook Plugin lets you create custom links, so you’ll know if your prospect has actually read it before you call again.

Mobile App

Lead generation never sleeps! Keep an eye on your lead on the way to meetings, while hosting an expo, wherever marketing takes you.

Company & Contact Info

GatorLeads includes a huge library of data from Cognism. Identify the company who’s looking at your website, learn the names of the key decision makers, and buy their email address.

Triggered Alerts

It’s not easy to keep track of every single send. Alerts land in your email inbox when an important campaign is delivering results, or when leads visit a specific page or group of pages. You can use these to auto assign to your sales team or populate your nurture campaigns.

Unlimited Users

One account for your whole team. However big your sales team gets, you can all use the same GatorLeads account. Just assign job roles so everyone has the specific features that they need, but can’t touch the ones they don’t. Simple.

Powerful Search

Search for companies, people, email addresses, URLs or keywords. Find just what you’re looking for.

Versatile Filters

Filter by Lead Type, Campaign, Country, Owner, and more. See exactly what you need to see.

CRM Integration

Write website actions straight into CRM, so everything is in one place for easy reference. 

Visitor Actions

Page views, PPC ad engagement, form fills, campaign clicks, event registrations; see everything your website visitors are up to.

Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Reports

Automate the reports that you’re always going to need, over the period that suits your strategy.

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We work with our customers to generate and deliver new business opportunities. Our all-in-one marketing automation platform allows you to manage every step of your digital journey. From tracking leads to building complex campaigns. We integrate with most CRM systems, connecting you with your data, streamlining your campaigns.

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