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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.


Supercharge your outbound campaigns

In B2B marketingemailing purchased data is a valid channel to generate leads. It has a positive ROI and is often the best way to reach out to companies who have a legitimate interest in buying your products and services.  

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Why use purchased data? 

Purchased data allows you to build up a good contact list easily and quickly. Rather than having to wait for those companies to find you themselves (which might not happen anyway), you can simply get in contact right away and show them how much they need you. 

The good, the bad and the ugly

B2B is the key 

Many email service providers are B2C focused and therefore prohibit sending to data without consent, but we don’t have that rule. With our email platform, you can upload non-permission-based lists and you won’t damage your sender reputation, become blacklisted or even affect your deliverability. 

The Saving Grace to GDPR

Is this GDPR compliant? 

Absolutely. UK GDPR regulation does not insist on opt-in lists for business-to-business emails. There is greater flexibility for emailing businesses, and you can email any business email address at least once providing the email is about business matters and that you give an option to unsubscribe. If your data subject unsubscribes, you must not email them again. 

Your GDPR Compliance Checklist

Ensuring best practice? 

We understand that you might need some help along the way with reputation, GDPR, choosing the right list, providing decent content and lead generation methodologies. Don’t worry, we have got your back!  

See how it all works

Easy outbound leads 

Now you can use that data you’ve just bought and start generating outbound leads through email marketing. Your sales team will be beyond pleased.  

Generate more leads

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.