The Power of Paid Ads

Simon & Sam’s Top Tips •

Knowing the source of your leads is vital for tracking the performance of your content, and for working out where to spend your precious marketing budget.

In this video, Simon and Sam explain how you can make sure you know where your leads are coming from and what they’re interested in:

  • How PPC ads are costing money without delivering:

“The industry standard is two to 3% of the visitors to that painful form fill, which means most of your clickers from your PPC campaigns, or any paid ad, will be costing you money and not actually converting”

  • Why the problem is attribution, not content:

“What happens when I land on that page and don’t form fill? I’m gonna have a nosy about on your website, and then I leave. When I come back next week, I’ll have a little look around again and I pull it on a different page, you’re not going to know that that form fill is from the source of your PPC campaign”

  • The three-letter solution:

“All of this is possible with UTMs. if the acronym is new to you it’s about to become your best friend. It stands for Urchin Tracking Module, and it is the default de-facto tracking standard in Google.”

About the Presenters


Simon Moss is Spotler’s Marketing Director and Data Supremo.

He is a Chartered Marketer with over ten years’ marketing experience gained primarily in the B2B marketplace. He currently looks after the marketing for Spotler and previously worked for Huntswood and Oxford Innovation. Having been involved in various marketing campaigns and initiatives, utilising most of the of the marketing mix, he has a great knowledge of how most channels work. He a fan of testing and doing something new/different.


Sam is Spotler’s Commercial Director. Equally happy crunching CRM data and leading sales meetings, he knows his pipeline inside out and is always led by the numbers.

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