SEO & Paid Media

Do you want to increase web traffic and ensure your listing gets found straight away? Outsource these key activities via Spotler and you will be competing with the biggest players in your market, in no time.

Full SEO Health Check & Website Audit

Identify the weak points in your website that prevent a search engine finding it and serving it to potential customers at speed. We look at each page individually, run it through a number of different tests and identify any technical or SEO inefficiencies.
SEO Healthcheck

Keyword Research and On-Page SEO plan

This keyword research document and on-page SEO plan will identify and map each page with a handful of keyword targets and further show how best to optimise each page for these keywords. Our SEO team will implement the on-page SEO plan directly onto your website and get the newly optimised pages found by Google.
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Link-building Campaign

When a third-party website hyperlinks to your site, this is known as a ‘backlink’. The quality and number of backlinks remains the most impactful variable on where your target page will rank on Google. Building high-quality backlinks is often the most challenging and time-consuming part of any SEO campaign, but remains the most integral part.
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Google Ads Campaign Management (PPC)

PPC (Pay-per-click) is the mode of acquiring traffic via Google Ads (previously ‘Adwords’), Google’s paid advertising service.

This allows you to rank in the top 3 positions for your target keyword and is a quicker way of driving leads to your business than SEO.

PPC remains a great way to drive lead generation in the short-term and to see which elements make users convert.
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Landing Page Creation

Sometimes websites look great but don’t always convert that well. As part of the Google Ads Management option, we offer custom landing page builds.

Our PPC team will conduct a full competitor and market analysis, as well as utilising their years of experience to create a landing page that is more likely to turn a visitor into a lead.

We create all copy, ensure a beautiful user experience and tie everything in with the key messages you wish to communicate to any prospects. We also closely monitor user behaviour on the page and provide ongoing optimisation recommendations should they be required.
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Infographics (for link building)

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words and this is why infographics remain a popular way to beautifully display information. The key to a successful infographic is the data that sits behind the picture, displaying a meaningful message or hard-hitting data and using the medium of image to promote it. 
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SEO Content

Our SEO team will conduct a full keyword analysis and identify the primary and secondary target keywords for your chosen page. They will then write a minimum of 750 words of optimised copy that target those keywords, but remain within your brand tone of voice. Our team will also create the title tag and meta description for the page (the content that appears in a search listing) and then finally submit it to Google.
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