Data Replenish Service

Start tackling the data lost from your unsubscribes and hard bounces. Spotler can replenish that data with contacts at the same company, in the same department and the same seniority!

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What is the Data Replenish Service?

Over time a customer’s data degrades in quality and volume through people choosing to unsubscribe, moving job or email address being undeliverable. As this happens some key accounts you are trying to prospect become completely locked out and no communications are being sent to that organisation.

Spotler now offers customers the opportunity to replenish their unsubscribes & undeliverable data with alternative contacts of a similar job title and seniority, meaning you can keep using email to nurture those key accounts.

How does this help me?

You can just put your feet up as this service removes the hassle of buying bulk pots of data each time on license agreements.

Gone are the back and forth of which contacts to buy, the suppression of data against your existing contacts, and the effort to load this data up ready to send to. If this isn’t heaven for a marketer then it is the closest thing to it!

Let’s break it down

Customers signing up to this service will get access to a new interface where they will be able to input their persona; departments, seniority and location criteria.

Then for each existing contact that has either unsubscribed or is undeliverable in any given month, Spotler will look to match those against the database to understand what job title and company that contact works for.

Spotler will then look to find 3 alternative contacts from our database within those companies of the same function, seniority and/or location, and populate these into a group within Spotler ready for you to send to email comms to.

For example… is the Marketing Director for SPT , and he unsubscribes from an email campaign on the 4th September sent by XYZ Email Plc. At the end of September Spotler will provide XYZ Email Plc with 3 further contacts at SPT which could be another Marketing Director, a Marketing Manager or an alternative marketing contact if this is what XYZ Email Plc requested in their persona to look for.

These 3 alternative contact email addresses, along with other replenished contacts from other companies where someone had also unsubscribed or was undeliverable, are then added to a group in Spotler so that XYZ Email Plc can add that group to their next campaign, or automatically send them a nurture series.

All new contacts provided are graded HIGH OR HIGH+ lead quality which means they come with 95%+ deliverability seccess.

What does this cost?

The entry cost for this service is £50 per month and would be invoiced separately to your monthly platform fee. This would provide you with up to 100 net new contacts added to a group each month

You can choose to take up this service or remove it anytime as it comes with a 30 day rolling contract, but all we ask is that if you wish to terminate you give us 30 days’ notice for us to suspend the service.

You will also get to see how many possible new contacts we could get for you each month and going forward if there are more than 100 you can increase your monthly fee to unlock the full potential of net new contacts and you can agree based on your data the volume you would like to sign up to each month.

How do I sign up?

We thought you wouldn’t ask! To get access to this amazing service all you have to do is speak to you account manager or email us at and we will work with you to set up your account and start getting you new data each month. 

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.