Data Purchase and Enrichment

A Marketing Automation platform is no good without some quality data too right? Purchasing data can be a great way of filling the top of the funnel with leads. We can help to provide you with new data.

Key Supplier Relationships

We have strong relationships with key data suppliers and we can help you get a quote for purchasing lists of the companies with the right job titles in the right industry for you to send your campaigns to.
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Yes, it’s allowed!

With Spotler being one of the few email service platforms that allow you to use purchased data, as a customer you should be maximising this opportunity.
Listen to our podcast with the DMA on purchased data

Data Enriching 

We can help to complete your data set. With our data enriching partner, we will enhance company info and contact details.
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Website Contacts 

When a company comes on your website, but you don’t know who it was, we can give you the contacts based at that company and secure their email addresses, so you can add them to your data pot.
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Spotler data packages

Double your dataset and improve your results in an instant. All you need to do is specify your target audience and industry and we can provide you with high quality data at high volumes.

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