CRM Support

The world of integration between your CRM and our platform can sometimes be a minefield. Whether that’s knowing where and how to find the data or you may even want a bespoke way of seeing the data write back from our system to your CRM. We are here to bridge any gaps.

Bespoke Dashboard 

Our team can help you build bespoke dashboards, Sales Lists and different views in your CRM so you can see your data in the way you want to.
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Advanced Reporting

If you need any help with reporting from our platform, we can create new bespoke reports or help you amend an existing one.
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Integrated campaigns 

If you have either Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce it might be that you need to create new Workflows that set the rules for what you want to happen with the data and put it into groups. We can set those up.
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If you are not integrated with a CRM, don’t worry you can use our platform as a standalone. We can help you cleanse your data and get it into a clean state, before we then help you import your CSV file so you are ready to send your campaign

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