Content Creation & Copywriting

We all know a good marketing plan includes engaging, well-written pieces of creative content for keeping your various channels active and increasing inbound leads. But where do you find the time to create, write and repurpose them? We have the following packages, available, exclusively for customers.

Copywriting for eShots

As you know – email marketing is highly effective, especially when you offer relevant, professionally created content that captivates readers. Produce emails your customers want to receive.

Clickable headlines mean your campaigns stand out in crowded mailboxes and content which is timely, relevant, unusual and contains the human-interest angle, ensures recipients keep coming back for more.
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Copywriting for associated blog and eShot

Blogging is at the heart of most content marketing strategies. It allows businesses to develop a personality, connect with customers and share relevant and valuable content.  Moreover, Google rewards companies which produce valuable content for its customers.
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Long-form content – e.g. eBook / white paper / feature

Google loves long-form content and so do customers. Longer form content gets more social shares and receives more back links.

Carefully crafted long-form content can give readers a more rewarding, informative and educational experience and enables brands to take a much deeper look at a subject and showcase its expertise. This can increase your brand’s credibility and help position it as a thought leader.
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Long-form content & design

A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s why we offer an eye-catching design package to our long-form content.  Design can play a crucial role in ensuring long-form content stands out. Our designers will match the look of your long-form content to your brand identity. They will also ensure a consistent design approach is taken and will produce custom graphics to support key points.

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Landing page including content, design and build

Beautifully designed and functional landing pages help companies target audiences, offer them something valuable and convert a higher percentage of visitors into leads. Often, they also play a key role in capturing information about your customers. You might use them to encourage people to register for an event or download some longform content.

Using Spotler forms, we can help you build landing pages which stand-out, with strong headlines, compelling copy and eye-catching design.

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Words are powerful, but images can pack their very own type of punch and that’s why infographics can form an important part of content marketing. They can be static or interactive illustrations and are a brilliant way to grab an audience’s attention and display a lot of research and facts in a clear, visual, and easy to understand way. The key is to create an infographic which combines meaningful and factually accurate data with stunning design – something our partner editorial team of journalists and designers are ideally placed to produce.
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Managed content marketing campaigns

Working in collaboration with your Spotler account manager, our partner agency will design and create a bespoke email marketing lead generation campaign that can be rolled out to your existing or potential customers across one quarter.
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