That Marketing Agency Episode


Peter Turay Jr. takes us into the world of marketing agencies. We talk about client mindsets, the timescales it takes to see results, and what it takes to make an agency-client relationship work.

The number of marketing channels has never been greater. Under pressure to fully understand this landscape, working with an agency has clear appeal. Peter Turay Jr, founder of Content 45, shares what you need to know:

How the biggest difference between clients is not industry, but mindset:

Clients and businesses have two types of profiles to them. So it’s either that they come with the actual SME mindset, or they come with the ‘all talk but little action’ mindset.”

The way clients come in with the wrong priorities for success:

Most of the time, [clients will] go on the basis of they want to just sell their service. However, they need to understand and invest in other things first to build trust and a good sense of credibility before they can actually convert their audience long term.

What it takes to make your relationship with your agency a success:

An agency-client relationship is almost like a marriage. You need to work together to actually build this long term goal that you’re planning.

About the Guest

Peter Turay Jr is a British Digital Marketer & Strategist with over 6 years marketing experience within social media management, email & CRM, copywriting, strategy development and consultancy within the online sphere.  He is the Founder of Content 45, a creative digital marketing agency, having worked with both B2C & B2B sectors from technology, food & beverages, online publishing, professional services and influencers.

Beyond his MBA in International Business Administration (Birmingham City University) and Marketing communications (De Montfort University, Leicester), passionately works with business owners, entrepreneurs and brands on their campaign & maximise results with an enthusiastic zeal of driving solutions in their business success.  Nicknamed the ‘creative corporate’, his agency ethos and management is about doing digital marketing the human way.

About the Presenter

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‘That Marketing Podcast’ is hosted by Richard Wall. The marketing team’s jack-of-all-trades, you can find him attending and hosting webinars, split testing his way to success and chasing down those hot chilli leads. His passion for podcasts has led him to many an interview and investigation on all things Marketing for you to enjoy.

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