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Make your team love CRM again.

Jeroen Corthout, co-founder and CEO of Salesflare, talks about the reasoning behind the sales automation CRM he and his team set up. They identified that salespeople were spending too much time updating CRMs and knew there was a way to drastically reduce the amount of disciplined admin needed to keep them up to date. Leaving sales teams free to do what they do best…Sell.

In this episode he explains:

  • Most admin is avoidable, and technology is evolving to get us there:

“A lot of the administrative stuff that is done is best left to computers than it is salespeople. And I think this will make the sales job way more enjoyable'”

  • Following up leads is such a key business process but why is it so hard:

“I think people are seeing that CRMs are failing because the way we have thought about it does not work. It’s not static pools of data, which you maintain by typing. It can be systems where lots of data flow together

  • We don’t have to drown in data at all:

“Technology is coming to a point where you are not looking at a massive amount of data and then trying to find the needles in the haystack. More data, the better. Because the more data we have, the more intelligent decisions, and summarisations, all this kind of stuff where AI feeds basically on data

About the Speaker

Jeroen Corthout

I’m Jeroen Corthout, co-founder and CEO of Salesflare. Salesflare is a sales CRM for small and medium-sized businesses who sell b2b.

Within a space of many, many CRMs you can really place us if you’re a small and medium-sized business, you sell b2b, and need something to follow up your leads. Where we differ from others out there, because that’s still a pretty big space, is in the way we’ve built it up. So we figured that anything out there was great if you manage to fill it out consistently and completely and have this awesome amount of discipline and time and energy and I don’t know what, which is usually not the case.

Where then most items start failing because you just don’t fill it out as consistently and completely as is expected. And we built something because we figured that most of the data you are actually filling out is already somewhere.

About the Presenter

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