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Amie Stankiste, Senior Director of Global Marketing at S&P Global Market Intelligence, shares her experience of the events process, from gaining internal buy-in to making sure you keep a laser focus on delivering what your audience wants from your content.

No sector has had to adjust more abruptly to the state of the world in early 2020 than live events. It’s too early to say whether they bounce back with a vengeance or emerge from lockdown in a completely new form.

That Marketing Podcast invited Amie Stankiste from S&P Global Market Intelligence to explore the work that goes into events of all kinds and sizes. With millions of details and long planning cycles, we discuss some of the things that won’t change, and take a few blind guesses at what the future holds:

  • Customer Experience as the first thing to think about:

“We always come back to the same thing, which is the customer value and the customer experience. So obviously, you’ve got to think about and consider the type of event that you’re running. So it could be anything from the kind of smaller afternoon event, just a couple of hours to a three-day event. So that’s quite a different ask for customers who are attending, and what they’re going to be expecting out of it. So we always go back to the objectives; What are those objectives for our business? What are we trying to achieve through that event? But most importantly, the attendees. So what are they trying to get out of that event? From the moment they sign up through that whole process?”

  • The different strands of internal buy-in required:

“Think about what that Return On Investment is going to be. But the way you position that internally needs to be slightly different. So it depends on who you’re talking to, and who’s in the audience. So you might have a Chief  Commercial Officer or Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Product officer, these are just some of the people who you would need to to get their support and buy-in. So a Chief Commercial Officer might be thinking really about the customer experience and driving that customer loyalty. The Chief Revenue Officer will absolutely be wondering, “how much will this cost and what’s going to come out with the other side in terms of revenue, short term and long term?” The Chief Product Officer might be thinking more about ‘What’s the product awareness opportunity here and how are we going to showcase our roadmap and our overall product strategy?'”

  • What comes next for the events sector:

“Going forward, we do have to just think about this from a very human aspect, very empathetic aspect. So, people come down on different sides of how they feel about the situation, safety, trust, all of those things really come to the fore. And as we look forward, we might be able to start to reengage with in-person events. And I would love that to be the case. I do believe we will, however, it will be a phased and staged type of approach. And I think what we’ve got to do is stay very close to our customer base and really take their opinions very seriously”

About the Speaker

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Amie has worked in B2B marketing for over 17 years within financial services, technology and data, most recently in the role of Senior Marketing Director at S&P Global Market Intelligence. She previously held senior positions at Thomson Reuters, BNY Mellon, Dow Jones and SEI Investments. She has a degree in Economics from the University of Leeds and a professional diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Amie is responsible for the planning and delivery of the global marketing strategy, including data-driven marketing campaigns across a complex suite of products and solutions. With a consistent focus on commercial goals, she delivers comprehensive lead generation, customer retention and brand awareness initiatives. She has led global teams of events professionals and is a champion of consistently delivering a differentiated and exceptional customer experience throughout all touch-points in the customer journey.

About the Presenter

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‘That Marketing Podcast’ is hosted by Richard Wall. The marketing team’s jack-of-all-trades, you can find him attending and hosting seminars, split testing his way to success and chasing down those hot chilli leads. His passion for podcasts has led him to many an interview and investigation on all things Marketing for you to enjoy.

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