That CRM Episode

That CRM Episode


John Cheney, Chief Executive Officer at WorkBooks Online, talks all things CRM.

CRM tends to be at the butt of quite a few marketing and sales jokes nowadays. It’s viewed as old news, but John explains what you may be missing if you’re ignoring the benefits of CRM. He mentions:

  • The detrimental effects of lockdown and how to work around them:

“We’re seeing a lot more emphasis on customer engagement, certainly in the last few months. A lot of b2b organisations have seen quite a dramatic slowdown in new business sales. So, there’s much more emphasis on engaging the customers that they’ve already got, supporting those customers through the current crisis, and that’s required them to work in different ways.” 

  • How ABM needs proper coordination between Sales and Marketing:

“Sales can often help marketing teams work out what’s going to drive conversion to the top of the funnel because they’re out there talking to customers about the problems and issues that they’re facing.” 

  • What is it that you’re trying to do as a business:

“Rather than getting hung up on the technology, take a step back and work out what your business goals are, why you’re looking to invest, then figure out how do you deliver those goals?” 

About the Speaker

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A Software-as-a-Service pioneer, John Cheney launched one of the first software as a service companies back in the late 1990s.

He is a successful entrepreneur with over thirty years experience in the IT industry; twenty of which have been running IT companies in Europe and North America.

Prior to Workbooks Online, John founded two previous successful SaaS security companies. He founded BlackSpider Technologies in 2002 and successfully grew the company to become an award-winning provider of in-the-cloud email and web security services to over 2,500 organisations world-wide before the company was bought by SurfControl in 2006. John then led marketing and product management at SurfControl and was a key member of the senior management team which led the Company through to its acquisition by Websense in October 2007.

Prior to BlackSpider, John was the Founder and CEO of Activis, a managed security services company which was acquired by Articon-Integralis in 1999. Activis was a leading provider of managed firewall and VPN services in North America and Europe, winning awards from SC Magazine for its services and Frost and Sullivan for its business strategy.

About the Presenter

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‘That Marketing Podcast’ is hosted by Richard Wall. The marketing team’s jack-of-all-trades, you can find him attending and hosting seminars, split testing his way to success and chasing down those hot chilli leads. His passion for podcasts has led him to many an interview and investigation on all things Marketing for you to enjoy.

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