That CDP Episode


David Raab explores how CDPs, Customer Data Platforms, differ from their better-known cousins, CRMs. 

Whatever kinds data you gather, the system you use to store and access it can make or break your marketing efforts. CDPs are starting to take over the mantle from CRMs, so we invited David Raab to help us explore:

  • How a CDP differs from a CRM:

“The unified customer database bit is really where they’re going to differ from each other, because the CRM really works with data that’s been created within the CRM. So someone calls on the phone or someone talks to a salesperson or possibly makes a transaction, depending on what your definition of CRM includes, that all gets captured in the system. And it’s stored when it’s accessed. But the CRM typically doesn’t know about what happened on the website.”

  • What you can do better with a CDP :

“You want to send out the right copy or suggest the right content to someone based on what they’ve just done. That takes real-time processing, even though that particular web visit might be part of a much longer sales cycle. Similarly, in the call centre, you want to make sure that you’re recommending the agent that they tell the right person the right information to the right to that person at that moment, knowing the context in the larger sales cycle.”

  • What approach to take for maximum success out of the gate:

“People do need to be careful about collecting data, not for the sake of collecting data, because there’s some value to it, it’s easy to kind of be a data hoarder. Like just you know, it’s like storage is cheap, right? How many times have you heard that in your house, ‘Just throw everything up in the attic. You know, maybe someday I’ll use that tennis racket again’. 

About the Speaker

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Widely recognized expert in marketing technology and analytics. Independent consultant since 1987, specializing in marketing trends, technology strategy, product requirements, and vendor selection. Clients include major firms in retail, insurance, health care, communications, publishing, consumer goods, marketing services, and technology. Have written hundreds of articles on marketing technology for publications including Information Management, DM Review, DM News, Relationship Marketing Report, Bank Marketing, Target Marketing, and The Journal of Database Marketing. Frequent presenter at conferences in U.S., Europe, and Asia. Author of Marketing Performance Measurement Toolkit, B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool, and Guide to Customer Data Platforms. Founder of Customer Data Platform Institute. New research appears regularly on 

About the Presenter

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‘That Marketing Podcast’ is hosted by Richard Wall. The marketing team’s jack-of-all-trades, you can find him attending and hosting webinars, split testing his way to success and chasing down those hot chilli leads. His passion for podcasts has led him to many an interview and investigation on all things Marketing for you to enjoy.

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