That Artificial Intelligence Episode


Andrew van Aken, senior consultant at Ogilvy, joins us to discuss the challenges & opportunities that Artificial Intelligence presents to B2B Marketers.

Artificial Intelligence is the big topic of 2020. Rearing its head in your Netflix recommendations and Microsoft Outlook’s Insights module, no industry can afford to ignore the changes it will bring.

That Marketing Podcast casts a eye over the current state of AI, and where it’s likely to go next. Among the topics we touch on in this episode:

  • The biggest pitfall marketers face in making AI work for them:

“I think the most important thing is having a clear understanding of what you’re trying to do and what you’re trying to solve for. So we’ve seen a lot of companies deploy chat-bots and not really have any success with them because they weren’t really solving any sort of problem.”

  • The conundrum of bought data vs. organic

“You really have to know what the data sources and the confidence that you have in your data source. A lot of times we’ll append different data from third party sources. So maybe, “Is it a high-income area?” or “Is it a high population area?” Because you can very well quality-assure the data. In situations where it gets a little murky is where vendors claim to do everything and everything.”

  • The big players who are building out-of-the-box solutions ready for you to use.

“We’ve seen at the Salesforce Dreamforce convention a couple of weeks ago, Salesforce is essentially going all-in on AI, they have voice recognition to interact with a platform, or you can ask Einstein, their essentially ‘Alexa for business’ to do forecasts for you.”

About the Speaker


Andrew is a senior consultant for Ogilvy, working out of their New York Office.

He is currently working on numerous advanced analytics projects for clients including segmentation and media mix modeling. Exploring how to apply advances in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), including image recognition and topic modeling, to improve processes such as cataloging creative assets, improving creative performance and understanding customer product reviews.

Andrew has developed POVs for numerous clients on AI/ML and presented to senior management of a large retailer on the potential to apply AI/ML to their business. He writes weekly on the subject of AI/ML and host an OgilvyRed Webinar series focused on applications of ML/AI to marketing. Previous topics include APIs, chatbots and reinforcement learning.

About the Presenter

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‘That Marketing Podcast’ is hosted by Richard Wall. The marketing team’s jack-of-all-trades, you can find him attending and hosting seminars, split testing his way to success and chasing down those hot chilli leads. His passion for podcasts has led him to many an interview and investigation on all things Marketing for you to enjoy.

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