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The marketing view on Facebook’s mega-outage

As the flurry of reaction GIFs and official explanations dies down, what lessons can marketers learn from Facebook’s outage?

The Cookie Law: What is it and what do you need to do?

Understated the the Cookie Law and what is required to store or retrieve any information on a computer or device.

Clubhouse: What’s in it for brands?

What should brands be making of Clubhouse, the drop-in audio platform? Spotler and Oktopost have put their heads together to find out!

How to Use LinkedIn for ABM & ABS

In this blog we explore and recommend ways of using LinkedIn as an effective tool as well as a useful channel, within your ABM & ABS strategy.

How businesses used AI to combat the pandemic

2020 was always going to be a big year for artificial intelligence.  Then COVID-19 came along, and the world changed.

Four key agile trends and techniques for marketers to adopt post pandemic

In order to take advantage of what the pandemic has to offer from a marketing context, you might want to think about the principle of agile marketing.

Transcript: That Marketing Platform Episode

Emma Dolby, Marketing Manager of Direct Air & Pipework, visits the podcast to talk about the setup she inherited coming into the role, what drove her desire for change, and how the transition to Spotler’s GatorSuite has made a difference to her team

What to do with Purchased Contacts from b2b data lists who have Visited your Website

When Marketers buy email lists, they just add them to their normal marketing cycle and pray it generates additional Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

The Magic Recipe of Website Popups that Perform

Popups are messages or forms that appear over the top of the page content on your website. They sometimes get a bad rep but, in our view, they don’t deserve it. Gone are the days when popups were regarded as noise polluters, used purely to harass the audience to “BUY RIGHT NOW”!

Meet Sam: your ideal marketing automation customer

Of course, Sam doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as an ideal marketing automation customer because everyone’s buyer journey…

How to create strong workflows that convert leads

When you think marketing automation, you probably don’t think of workflows. You probably think of mass marketing. The idea of sending…

How CRM can empower your marketing strategy | Workbooks

In an ideal world, marketers would have all the information necessary to fully understand each client in their roster. Customers…

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