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Increase online conversions with website personalisation and get more sales

Make unique product recommendations over email and website

Social retarget and display ads to visitors over facebook, google and instagram

Increase ROI with tailored abandonment cart journeys

Contacts and unsubscribes

With this connector developed by no.dots, contact details are exchanged between your WooCommerce webshop and Spotler. After installing the connector, the customer data from WooCommerce is now automatically kept up-to-date in Spotler. This saves a lot of time and prevents errors. New newsletter subscriptions within your webshop are synchronised directly to Spotler, after which the welcome campaign is triggered. The integration also works  for unsubscribes from Spotler are automatically processed in WooCommerce.

Product synchronisation

This connector also synchronizes all product data to Spotler. Think of the product names, descriptions, images, prices, attributes, reviews and links. This makes the preparation of a newsletter quick and easy. With the push of a button you can place a product in the right format in your newsletter.

Order synchronisation

All orders from WooCommerce are also automatically synchronised to Spotler. For example, you can create specific segmentations based on order history and buying behaviour in order to be able to email in a targeted manner. For example, to your big spender customers or to customers who have purchased a specific product.

Automation from WooCommerce

Automatic email campaigns increase conversion and engagement from your customers. The WooCommerce connector allows for several automatic campaigns:

  • Welcome campaign
  • Birthday campaign
  • Abandoned cart campaign (specific provisioning)

Sync additional fields

The default fields of WooCommerce and Spotler are already linked to each other upon installation. But you might want to sync more fields for specific segmentations or automated campaigns in Spotler. There are several plugins available to extend the fields in WooCommerce. You can include these extra fields in the link. For example, the date of birth for the birthday campaign in Spotler.

Here’s Why Marketers Love Spotler

A match made in heaven!

Our integration is the best choice for ecommerce marketers that want to increase online orders and drive more revenue. Our platform and its features are designed for ecommerce brands.

Website personalisation

Change the content and imagery of your website based on the data you have on your customers – past purchases and cart abandonment. This lets you really personalise your website for each visitor you have.

Paid ads

Track the details of your marketing channels and get a clearer picture of ROI. Then retarget those who don’t convert with paid ads (Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads) to get even more sales.

Popups & forms

Inspire visitors to take action by creating popups on the most important pages of your shopping funnel. Collect email addresses, reduce abandonment and increase conversions.

Key Integrations

Our connectors are available for most versions of Magento. So whether you use Community, Professional,  Enterprise, Magento 2 or Magento 1, we will be able to hook into it and connect the systems together

Product Sync

Product names, images, prices and links are stored in Spotler via the integration. This makes the building of a newsletter or email quick and easy. With the push of a button you can add a product, which is then automatically placed in the correct layout.

Spotler Support

Spotler offers phone, email, and live chat support, as well as a help site and marketing content to keep you moving forward.

Account Management

You will get onboarding, product training, template development, and a carefree start (data import, account set-up, domain mapping, etc…). You will also receive a dedicated Account Manager during the term of your agreement. We also offer ongoing Marketing Consultancy to help with your strategy. 

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