Top Tips Training

Our in-house GatorGurus invite you to our Thursday Top
Tips Training

What ever part of our products we cover, we want you to
utilise every feature to increase your results – our aim is to
turn you into a GatorGuru too.

Sign up below for one of our Top Tips Training webinars… And you can catch up on the ones you have missed by heading to our YouTube channel.

Top Tips – Slam dunk your campaigns into the inbox

DATE: 04 November 2021 | TIME: 3PM

Learn how to optimize your deliverability with Send Forensics, Ai and Inbox checker.

Top Tips – Split Test for Success

DATE: 02 December 2021 | TIME: 3PM

We’ll take you through the why, what and how of A/B split testing. Show you how to set a test up, explain all the core elements to a split test and even give you some ideas and inspiration on what to test and what’s been working for Spotler.

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