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Calling all CommuniGator Customers…

Our in-house GatorGurus invite you to our bi-weekly Thursday Top Tips session. From the best subject line to increase CTR’s to workflow tricks of the trade, we want you to utilise every feature of the product to increase your results. Or whether it’s a particular product from our suite that you are not too familiar with, we’ll cover it and turn you into a GatorGuru too.

Got a specific topic or product you want to be covered? Let us know and we’ll book it in!

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Top Tips – Group Rules – 12th March 2020

Top Tips – Automate your emails in Simple Steps! – 27th February 2020

Top Tips – 13th Feb – NEW GatorSocial

Top Tips – Inbox Placement – Thursday 23rd January 2019

Import CSV – 19th September

We talk you through the Import CSV screen, looking at the different options available when uploading your data into CommuniGator.

Gator New ‘Smart Web Forms’ – 8th August

Watch the video here to see how to set up a smart form on different web pages of your site, with different actions on submit and dynamic merge field content.

Lead Gen 101 – Popups Save the World! – 13th June

Watch the video here to see how targeted marketing can be so effective in driving new leads for your sales team!

April & May Release – 30th May

Missed the April / May new features?
Don’t worry here is a recording of our new smart forms and some Popup enhancements.

Understanding your Data DNA – 16th May

If you missed our Data webinar then catch up here, we talk through Understanding your Data DNA and how your killer values should be stored for each company within your CRM.

Goodbye Spam, Hello Inbox – 2nd May

Worried about why your emails you send end up in Spam and not in the inbox and wondered how to stop it. Then listen to this recording as we give you some top tips for better inbox placement.

Re-marketing –  18th April

Missed the April Webinar on Retargeting?
Don’t worry here is a recording so you can watch how re-marketing make your leads hotter!

March Release – 4th April

Missed the March new features?
Don’t worry here is a recording of our new CSV import, how we’ve improved the ease of testing campaigns, and Gator Popup overview.

Automation the Easy Way – 21st March

CommuniGators followup tool is underutilised however really quick and easy to set up and is a great way to start your automation journey. James shows you how to apply the follow-up tool to your marketing campaigns and talks about the benefits of using them.

February Release – 7th March

Missed the February new features?
Don’t worry here is a recording of our new CSV import UI, how we’ve improved the ease of testing campaigns, and a clever tweak to group rules in workflow!

Pop Up Tool – 21st February

If you missed the chance to join the Popup webinar and learn why, when and how best to set one up then don’t worry catch a recording here, and we’ll be sure to run another one again soon.

January Release – 7th February

Want to see how to interpret the Ai from your campaigns? Or struggling with getting your images to apply properly? Charlotte our resident hardcore Guru takes you through these top tips to help you get up to speed, and also covers some great new features in the product.

Top Tips on Inserting Emojis into your Subject Line

Emojis are practically a whole new language that human kind has created, so there is no good in avoiding it. Embrace the emoji. Millie shows how you can insert emojis into your subject lines, adding humour and boosting open rates.

Top Tips on the Bounce Manager

Have you noticed an abnormally high number of bounces appear in your campaign results? Do you have no idea what any of the bounce reasons mean? Would you like to know how to get your bounce rate right down? Then this Top Tips has your name on it!

Top Tips on Dynamic Content

It’s time to get personal people! And the best way of doing that is making your emails bespoke to each individual. Let Millie talk you through the process of setting up Dynamic Content in your emails and how to best test this!

Top Tips on GatorCreator

Millie demonstrates the new features within GatorCreator and reveals all her tips to ease the process of creating an email in GatorCreator.

Top Tips on System Defaults

Now, this is not the most glamorous part of the product, but it certainly is the heart to all your shortcuts. Millie shows her secrets into saving precious time by setting up your crucial defaults within the system.

Top Tips on GatorLeads Auto-Nurture

Millie shows the best tool to keeping the relationship between Marketing and Sales super sweet. The GatorLeads auto-nurture tool allows you to simply apply your killer values, so you can sit back and wait for the leads to roll in.

Top Tips on Group Rules

Millie displays how you can edit groups to your hearts content outside of a CRM platform. She demonstrates how to apply difference rules and how to create groups dependant on contacts engagement.

Top Tips on the Export Manager

With GDPR looming, Millie talks us through the new export functionality within the product; from the beginning steps that you will need to take, all the way through to downloading the export files to your desktop.

Top Tips on Confirmed Opt-In

There is no hiding from it, GDPR is coming and we need to be ready. Millie goes through our Confirmed Opt-In functionality to help you understand the single and double opt-in process and how CommuniGator can ease the GDPR pain.

Top Tips on Activity Reports

It’s all well and good sending out campaigns daily, weekly or monthly, but then what?
Reporting is KEY to all marketing strategies. In this Top Tips webinar, Millie shows the step-by-step process to setting up activity reports making it as easy as pie to access your results and compare your campaigns.

Top Tips on GoToWebinar

Do you love hosting Webinars as much as we do? Do you use GoToWebinar to host your webinar events? Millie demonstrates the simplicity of integrating with your GoToWebinar account and how this will revolutionise your event planning and follow ups.

Top Tips on Drag & Drop Landing Zones

Millie demonstrates the brand new Drag&Drop Landing Zone feature and all the wonderful perks that come along with it. She reveals all her tips to ease the process of creating a landing zone quickly and effectively.

Top Tips on PURLs in Outlook

We demonstrate the wonder of the PURL extension that you can download into your online Outlook, making cookie-ing contacts easier than ever.

Top Tips on GatorSocial

This week our GatorSocial super-user, Richard, takes the reigns for Top Tips and demonstrates his very own tricks and shortcuts on scheduling, editing and finding topic inspiration within GatorSocial.

Top Tips on Landing Zones

Landing Zones can quickly become a tangled web of confusion when dealing with more than one in your campaign. Millie explains the perks of Landing Zones and how to avoid confusion and utilise them to their full capability.

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