Top Tips Training

Our in-house GatorGurus invite you to our Thursday Top
Tips Training

What ever part of our products we cover, we want you to
utilise every feature to increase your results – our aim is to
turn you into a GatorGuru too.

Sign up below for one of our Top Tips Training webinars… And you can catch up on the ones you have missed by heading to our YouTube channel.

Top Tips – AI

DATE: 11 March 2021 | TIME: 3PM

Learn all about AI and how to use it to your advantage.

Come and play with GatorSocial+ and its new features

DATE: 01 April 2021 | TIME: 3PM

Learn how to use GatorSocial+ and its new features to amplify your social reach and engagement.

Gatorleads for Lead Generation

DATE: 06 May 2021 | TIME: 3PM

Learn how to use Gatorleads for Lead Generation.

Top Tips – GatorMail

DATE: 03 June 2021 | TIME: 3PM

Top 10 things you didn’t know about GatorMail

Top Tips – Surveys

DATE: 01 July 2021 | TIME: 3PM

You can’t do compelling marketing without knowing your target audience! Create surveys to help you on your way.

Top Tips – Templates 

DATE: 05 August 2021 | TIME: 3PM

Follow our lead with landing page templates and master copies of our best HTML emails.

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