Fantasy Football

Spotler (aka CommuniGator) Fantasy Football Premier League 20/21

We love a bit of ‘banter’ at Spotler and thought that one of the best ways of engaging with our customers (non-work related of course!) is through the art of competition.

So, we have created a private league in (the official fantasy football game of the Barclays Premier League) and now you can pit your wits against the Spotler staff and the official Spotler team, The Gators!

Currently the league is only open to Spotler customers and if you want to join and win some prizes, use the details below which has the code you need to join.

We look forward to seeing you there and we can waste the weekends together wondering why we’re watching games like Norwich v Sheffield (sorry Norwich or Sheffield fans) for the full 90 minutes!

Spotler fantasy football prizes.

1st Prize
The overall winner of the Spotler Fantasy Premier League 2020/21 will get a ticket to a Premier League game of their choice – dependent on availability and subject to the Ts&Cs (see below).

Best team name
The person with the most imaginative name will win an Official Premier League football. This will be chosen by all who enter the league and we’ll run a poll nearer the end of the season.

As we don’t take your details (number, email, etc) when you join the league make sure you have your full name against your team so we can find (contact) you if you win anything. Otherwise the best way to talk to us is through the forum option in the Spotler league, which opens when the season starts.

How to Enter

Go to:

If you already have an FF account:
1. Just sign in as normal.
2. Create your team if you haven’t already and then;
3. In the navigation bar go to ‘leagues’
4 ‘Create and join new leagues’
5. ‘Join a league’
6. ‘Join a private league’ and enter this code: x89icw
7. You’re Done!

OR… simply use the link below and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game.


If you don’t have an account already
1. Use this link to create an account:
2. Follow the process to create an account
3. Now follow from step 2 in the list above.

Terms and conditions

    1. To win any of the prizes you have to be a current customer of Spotler at the time the prizes are given.
      • This means that to win the 1st prize you will be a customer at least until the end of the Premier League 20/21 season.
      • This also follows suit for the other prizes; for example you need to be a customer at the end of each quarter. The person that finishes top of the quarterly leaderboard will be declared winner.
  1. Spotler reserves the right to withdraw any of the prizes without notice and the decision(s) of Spotler are final.

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