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Email Subject Lines – LIVE

You get loads of emails in your inbox every day, right? But what compels you to actually open, read and engage with an email?

The answer is the mighty subject line. It’s basically your very first impression of the email and you will judge whether to open or delete it within 2 seconds. It is paramount that you do some subject line testing if you want to get better engagement with you emails.

So your email subject lines need to be stellar, out of this world, first-class… you get the idea. They need to be really good or relevant. And what better way to know what will work than to see the best performing live subject lines every day – taken from the millions of daily emails sent through Spotler’s platform!

Think of this page as your daily dose of email subject line super serum – bookmark it and come back for your daily dose and see if you can get better opens or click using these subject lines.

Welcome to postgraduate research! 16.86% CTR
We're giving £1,000 Love2Shop vouchers to 3 of our customers - will it be you? 10.55% CTR
Important information about your pension... 6.35% CTR
Prevent Cyber Attacks 3.13% CTR
Pre relaunch discount for ESG Intercom 2.49% CTR

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