Subject Lines Live – Best of February 2022

What subject lines did our audiences fall in love with in February?


The top 5

Subject Line CTR (%)
PackFlow EPR Report – Here is your download 86.52
EPR for Packaging White Paper – Here is your download 84.41
Download the Key Risk Indicators White Paper 81.62
Product Catalogue 2021 78.61
Thank you for downloading the Secondsight Wellbeing guide 74.32


The rest of the bunch

Average Score: Trending Up

The Average CTR overall in February was 20.5%, up from 17.86% in January.


Length: Trending Up

In December and January, the largest group of subject lines were 31 to 40 characters. In February, 41 to 50 characters was the most common. A second layer of analysis this change was driven by a higher word count, rather than the average length of the words used. In February 89% of the words used were 10 characters long or fewer, up from 83% the previous month.


Personalisation: Trending Down

Nearly 50% fewer subject lines contains personalisation in February than in March (12.59% vs. 20%). The recipient’s first name was the dominant choice, making up 15 out of 16 examples. The other used the recipient’s company name.


Emojis: Trending Down

3 subject lines containing emojis is the joint lowest count since we started this analysis.



Sender Name: Trending Up

The handful of subject lines which did include the sender’s name were dominated by the “functional” category. This is how we label resource downloads, opt-in messages and other similar content.




Sales/Marketing loses some ground, but still leads the pack with 42% of subject lines.

Events continue to make a comeback, with their biggest share of the pie since October 2021.


Sending Day

Monday wins for the second month in a row, with an average CTR of 35.64%. Weekends extend their lead over weekdays (26.73% VS. 17.77%).

Tuesday was the very worst day for engagement, with a measly 8.41% average CTR. Wednesday was not much better at 9.64%.

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