The importance of your MarTech Stack

MarTech, or marketing technology, is a range of software and tools used within the marketing department to help achieve your targets, goals and objectives. MarTech has become a staple in digital marketing campaigns, particularly during a pandemic where the only way to reach people, including your potential customers, was via a digital channel. When marketing teams make use of the technologies available to them this is known as a marketing technology stack.

The essentials in your MarTech Stack

Email marketing – let’s start with the most important when it comes to digital marketing. Email has proven an effective way for brands to reach customers for years. It’s growing bigger and better in the sense of personalisation, segmentation, customised images and should be considered a key player in your MarTech stack.

Lead generation – similarly, generating leads is up there as a top priority for most successful businesses with a goal to grow. With tools such as website tracking, nurturing, automated workflows, and paid ad attribution, generating leads is becoming more and more sustainable in a growing digital world.

Website personalisation – the people want personalisation. Customising your user’s journey on your website is key to developing and enriching one to one personalised relationships with your potential customers. Adapting your website to each individual visitor and their wants, needs and interests is becoming key to stand out from the crowd and offer up an invaluable experience for those you want to get through to.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system – the foundation to your MarTech stack. Where it all begins and where it all ends. Using your CRM to track your pipeline from start to finish is paramount to sales success. Having one single view of all interactions and engagements is priceless when it comes to keeping on top of your funnel. Integrating your CRM into your other MarTech provides you with the insight you need, enabling end to end visibility of your prospects and customers.

CMS (Content Management System) – your website is the backbone of your digital strategy. Since most of, if not all, your marketing and digital campaigns drive traffic there. 88% of consumers will research online before purchasing so having a seamless, fresh and current, easy to use website is a no brainer when it comes to getting those deals closed.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – being searchable on the world wide web improves quantity and quality of your website traffic. And it’s free! When done right, SEO and SEM increase your leads, so it’s worth having a strategy in place for your MarTech stack and utilising the channel to get visitors to your site. Then, once they’re there, the rest of your MarTech tools come into play to push visitors further down the funnel to convert into prospects.

Social Media Marketing­ – social media is the place to be after all! When it comes to social, having a broader view of the impact of your social media campaigns, uploading content to all platforms simultaneously allows you to accurately track interactions across each platform. Reaching a wider audience in their natural habitat!

Building a MarTech stack that will grow with you and your business.

We know the marketing and digital world changes rapidly from day-to-day. New technologies come and go, in and out of fashion. New trends, new tools, new content, new topics, new goals and targets. It’s important to keep up and have the flexibility and agility to build your MarTech stack around your dynamics. What will your team, your business and your strategy look like 6 months or a year from now? As your business grows it’s tempting to add more complexity to your MarTech stack to support the growth.

Technology comes last
Strategy comes first. Having a flexible strategy in place will give you a baseline of what you are trying to achieve, you can then fill the gaps with the technology available in your MarTech stack. Strategies are there to be changed, updated, revised, amended. So make sure your strategy can support your growth.

Identify goals and challenges
What is the end goal you want your MarTech stack to achieve? Generate leads, increase website traffic, grow business by x amount year on year, event sign ups, resource downloads. This will come in handy when it comes to picking out suppliers for your technology.
What are the challenges you and your team face on a day-to-day basis? How will your MarTech stack make their life, and their job, easier and more efficient. Try and connect up your challenges with your goals to provide a solution for each.

Report and analyse
As with everything in marketing reporting the success of each tool in your MarTech is key to identifying what’s working and why. Understanding what you need to change and adapt to the ever-changing industry to keep on top of your success. Then you can do more of the stuff that works and less of the stuff that doesn’t. Simple.

One single 360 view
Having your MarTech stack as one single piece will give your marketing the fluidity it needs to grow with your business. Integrating all solutions and channels together allowing your data to flow and talk to each piece of tech under one roof. Giving you one single 360 view of all digital activity across marketing and sales, giving a bird’s eye view of the pipeline and all attributes. Getting sales and marketing working as one team.


      With all the tools and technologies available to you it can seem like a bit of a minefield. Strip it back to basics to discover exactly what you want and need to get out of each of your solutions. There is really no need to overcomplicate your marketing technology. At Spotler, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice productivity to get power, the best tools combine both! That’s why we integrate all our software’s under one roof for ease-of-use. When you focus on your customer experience over managing your software that’s when you grow bigger and better!

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