Spotler integration with Zoho CRM

Integrate Spotler with Zoho CRM.

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 Lead Generation with Zoho CRM Integration

Easily integrate your website lead generation with contacts in your Zoho CRM to see when each lead and contact has last visited your website and their company lead score. With the permalink within GatorLeads too, you’ll also be able to see a record of the pages your contacts have also visited.

Get website activity alerts in your Zoho CRM

Get leads sent straight to your inbox without having to log in to Zoho with GatorLeads. Using our lead scoring and alerts feature, when CRM accounts hit a certain “score”, you can be alerted that they are sales-ready. Your can also keep track of this in your CRM, so you know which leads in your pipeline to focus on

Send behaviour-based email campaigns

By syncing your contact records with our integration, you’ll be able to create campaign groups based on any criteria and send them to highly-targeted campaigns automatically. You’ll also be able to send back campaign history to your CRM. From there, you can determine which campaigns to target your data with in the future or refresh high-performing ones.

Feed campaigns with Zoho CRM data

With our Zoho CRM integration, you can segment your email marketing lists as you like. Our ‘Send to Friend’ and ‘Web Capture’ functionality is also able to add new lead records to Zoho CRM via referrals of your email marketing campaigns and new signups from your website.

A fully functional integration with Zoho

Using Zoho CRM integration, get a full suite of tools that can improve your marketing campaigns & your ability to report on data within your CRM. From field mapping to survey and web results being written back into your CRM. We also have ‘Send to Friend’ and ‘Web Capture’ functionalities to add new lead records to Zoho and new sign ups from your website.

Improve your marketing processes

Our automation & integration service allows you to upload and download the data you need more effectively. Automatically assess from within your CRM dashboards what you need to do in order to improve results and customer lifecycle journey. With our marketing experts on hand to help you out, you can start improving your marketing processes from one place immediately.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.