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Integrate COINS and Spotler and transform the way your marketing team does their email marketing. Start to grow your business with a powerful suite of user friendly marketing solutions designed to boost efficiency and acquisition.

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COINS and Spotler

Spotler boasts an exclusive integration with COINS CRM. Allowing you to bring your marketing automation and lead generation requirements under a single roof. Integrating our platform with your CRM can help align all your data into a centralised location. See leads engagement, web activity and assign your leads for focused lead generation discussions. Personalise every interaction using dynamic content and lists.
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Here’s Why Marketers Love Spotler with COINS

Engage leads & customers in real time

With interaction and behaviour data from Spotler and CRM data from COINS you can start delivering the right message, to the right person at the right time for very personalised journeys and campaigns.

Within COINS, track all the details of your paid ads (Zoopla, Rightmove, Facebook, Instagram, GoogleAds) including search terms and the accounts who have clicked on your ad – giving you more leads, insights and a much clearer campaign ROI.

Paid Ads

Reveal contacts and companies

Spotler gives you a complete view on the individuals and companies who visit your website directly within COINS, not just the contacts that fill out a form.

This means you can start to see all the new leads for your sales team within COINS and what your current pipeline is interacting with on your website, over emails and social channels.

Once you have integrated your COINS CRM with Spotler, you will be able to segment your data into the audiences needed for each campaign. Create dynamic lists with easily customisable options, ensuring your lists are up-to-date with the most appropriate contacts.

Then create and send your campaign directly to the marketing automation platform, all from within your CRM.

Sync and segment data

Dashboards for Sales & Marketing

With our COINS integration, you can create multiple dashboards that reflect your killer values for all teams to access. From marketing funnels to sales pipelines, you make the criteria as complex as you like.

Whether it be leads from specific marketing channels, or leads based on their position in the buying journey. Ensuring your sales & marketing teams are targeting the right leads with the right information.

See up-to-the-minute information on all your contacts activities; their website, social, paidads, email activities in real time from your COINS CRM.

Influence your sales discussions with as-it-happens data on what your contacts are interacting with. From their very first interaction with your website to their entire website journey and their total lead score.

All data collected is fed directly into your CRM as it happens, creating one single view at your fingertips.

Real-time data

Multi-channel Reporting

Report on the progress and results of your marketing campaigns across all channels. Create multiple reports based on your chosen criteria to analyse your key marketing efforts and identify your performing channels.

Ensure sales are following up your leads and identify where they are in the buying process from one simple view. Manage everything around your marketing in one place and see your contacts every engagement.

Sending out via Spotler means you will have your own dedicated sending domain, and you will be able to predict your deliverability before you send your email campaign.

Our AI also learns your data and measures audience reactions, which helps you create the most effective email campaigns going forward



At Spotler we are advocates of practicing what we preach. With great in-house knowledge of COINS, we know the nifty tricks of the trade to maximise your lead generation and marketing automation via COINS.

Through a support team you can get help via phone, email and live chat. You also have access to a help site and great marketing content to push you forward.

You get onboarding, product training, template development and a carefree start (data import, account set-up, domain mapping, etc…). We also help you set up the key Advance Finds you’ll need and get you data syncing so you can build segments straight away.

A dedicated Account Manager will be your point of contact for the duration of your contract; helping you get the most of of not only the Spolter platform but also COINS!

Account Management

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Mine Ergun

Your solution for smarter email marketing & lead generation

The power of two platforms integrated seamlessly under one roof.
Connecting you with your data.

Manage all your Digital Marketing within COINS

Combine your Lead Generation & Pipeline

Keep track of your entire prospect to customer journey

Real-time website and email data direct to your COINS CRM

Generate, identify and nurture new leads at your fingertips

Segment your CRM data at an individual level

Execute dynamic driven email campaigns

View live lead activity direct from COINS

Support team ready to help

All your data is held within the UK

In-house development team

Dedicated account manager to help you along the journey

Spotler, the best choice for for those wanting more from their COINS CRM


Ai-powered software
Spotler is powered by its Ai intelligence and has great user-friendly features for all your marketing automation.


Get a comprehensive start thanks to tailored onbaording & ongoing account management. Started off successfully and continue to be successful with Spotler’s marketing automation.


No 1 COINS Integration
Spotler has one of the best integration with COINS CRM allowing sales and marketing team to work form one platform and increase their marketing and output and lead generation activities


Good security and privacy
With pen tests, IP locks and two factor auth among our security, we have you covered. Also Spotler works in accordance with UK and European privacy legislation.


Need help with something? No problem, contact our support team by phone, live chat or email. Quick responses and resolutions time gets you sending sooner


Marketing Services
Spotler offers core marketing services from template design and automation builds to content production and SEO – so if you need a little extra help we’ve got the skills.


Don’t want to start from scratch?
We got you covered

Welcome series

Don’t leave it days… say hello straight away when you get a new subscriber.


Give your proper viewers the personal treatment. Send emails automatically from the sales rep that met.

Show home / Launch events

Invite people who live near the development or registered interest. Automatically send reminders and follow-ups

After-exchange series

Not yet completed, but send them a moving check list and then content the week and day before the big day.

Aftercare series

Congratulate them on the house purchase and send use comms like maintenance tips, community events and much more.

Active now

Send viewing requests 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 whenever, when visitors come back onto your site. Reengage them with content like assisted moving, part-exchange and local community events.

Great tools at your disposal

Use the Spotler software to create engagement across channels and touchpoints

Good landing pages have no distractions, no noise, no fluff – just the action you want the buyer to take.

Often on your main website you have multiple CTAs, and that is precisely why a landing page is a good solution to get the best conversions from your emails and PPC campaigns.

So get more newsletter sign ups, downloads of your brochures and basket checkouts? Make sure you use our conversion-oriented landing pages.

You can easily create web forms and surveys in Spotler.

Place them on a high converting landing page so that your target audience can easily register for an event, sign up for a newsletter, request documents or simply participate in your customer satisfaction survey.

With our drag and drop editor, you can easily drag every question to the right place and get the layout you want.

Pop-ups work so well at converting visitors! 

Strategically place them on your website to collect your visitors email addresses. You can design the pop-up completely in your house style and decide for yourself where and when the pop-up appears. 

You can’t increase your reach any easier and pop-ups are proven to increase conversions and lower bounce rate!

All marketers should want to segment their database and created targeted groups.

For example, groups such as men, women, customers, prospects, interests, etc. With Spotler this is easy with our group builder, so you can create your target groups and segments to send personalised campaigns to.

Segment on all and any characteristics that are in the database and send emails with customised dynamic content. And the more relevant you are to the recipient, the greater the chance of conversion.

Spotler also offers options for sending SMS messages. With the correct permission and mobile numbers in your database, you can run SMS campaigns in a fun, personal way.

Easily compose and send SMS messages to large target groups. Make it personal and even set them up as part your automatic campaigns along side emails communications.

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Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.